There are a number of school provide tools that are only available by signing into the Google Chrome web browser with a student's GCVS account. We do not recommend using any browser other than Google Chrome to access school resources. Chrome provides the greatest compatibility with the software that we use and allows for single sign-in with one username and password.

Note: Signing into a student account on Google Chrome automatically downloads our school's content filters and logs browser history/activity. Sign out of any student account and switch to a personal Gmail account before using the Chrome for personal web browsing.

  1. Download and install the Google Chrome web browser - Google Chrome is available at for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is also available on smartphones and tablets through the App store. For the best experience we recommend using the desktop application over the mobile app because some features may be unavailable/modified for use on mobile devices.

  2. Open the Add User window - Open the Profile menu in the top left corner of the Chrome browser then select Add in the dropdown menu. This should open a popup window.

  3. Add the student as a User - Enter the student's name in the text input field, select a profile picture and click on Add. This should open up a new Chrome browser window for the new student user. Optional: Add a shortcut to your desktop to quickly access the student's account.  

  4. Sign the student into their GCVS account - When you add a user you should be welcomed with a home screen similar to the image below. Click "Already a Chrome user? Sign in" and you will be redirected to a Google Login screen. Enter the student's GCVS username and password and press Next to sign in.

  5. Link the School's Data and resources to the student account - Once you log into a students account you will be prompted to Link Data and turn on the sync. It is very important that you complete these steps because they grant access to all of our schools resources and web extensions. The sync allows students to sign into any device and retain their bookmarks, passwords and browsing history.

  6. Check to make sure Chrome linked the school provided browser extensions - Open the extension menu and make sure that our schools apps are available to the student account. Pin any apps that the student will use often to the toolbar. All school resources should use either the student's GCVS account or the Clever app to sign in. They should be signed into all Google services automatically when signed into the Google Chrome browser with a student account. If these web extensions are not showing up please sign out completely, remove the user and re-add the student. Make sure to link data and sync data to the cloud (Step 5).