This article will walk you through creating a Canvas Observer account (if you don't already have one). 

First Steps

The first step is to create and copy down the pairing code from your student's Canvas account. You can get to this by clicking on this link if you are already logged into Canvas under your student's account: or by clicking on Account (1) in the upper left hand corner of your Student's Canvas account and then 'Settings' (2) in the side menu as below:

From the Setting's page on the far right side is a button named Pair with Observer. Click that button. 

That will create a popup box with your pairing code in it. This code is case sensitive (upper and lower case). It is good for seven days or until you use it once. 

Skip down to the section: For Returning Parents or Finishing Linking Your Observer Account

For New Observer Accounts

If you are a new Parent or did not previously have an Observer account you may create one. If you previously had an account skip down to the next section. Click on the following link to go to the Learning Coach login, which is different than the Student login: Once there click on the 'Click Here For an Account' link in the upper right. 

This will create a popup that you can use to signup for an account and enter the student pairing code you generated earlier. Click on the 'Start Participating' button and your account is on it's way to being setup. You will receive an email at the address you sign up with from Canvas confirming this. When you log in your students classes will all be populated. 

For Returning Parents or Finishing Linking Your Observer Account 

If you are a returning Parent with an existing Observer account or you are are ready to finish setting up your Observer account you just need to enter the student pairing code.  

From your Observer dashboard click on "Account" (1) in the upper left corner and then click on 'Observing' (2) in the menu on the left side. 

Wait! What if I don't see an 'Observing' link!? This is such a new feature with Canvas, it still has a few bugs. One of which is the missing Observing link. We have added a work around for now. Under the "Help" (3) menu which is the last icon down on the left side with the ? icon, there is a menu link for 'Pair with Student Account' (4). Click on that. Note that this only appears on non-student Observer accounts. 

This will bring up a page with a field to enter your student pairing code (5). Place the code and then click on '+Student" button and you should see your student's name appear below 'Student Being Observed' (6). 

Your student's classes should now appear in your Dashboard. Please note you will need to do this for each Student you have. 

You can also repeat First Steps and For Returning Parents or Finishing Linking Your Observer Account to add additional students to your account.